LAESSIG comes from Switzerland and stands for a harmonious mixture with influences from different styles defines but still their own distinctive style. Great songs, an excellent band, authentic and full of passion. Marco Laessig writes the songs and is also the singer and frontman of the band. Together with his brother Patrick and Daniel Zimmermann they form the core of the band. Initially still playing as a trio in acoustic form, Marcus Bodenmann (Keys), Kaspar Rast (Drums) and Patrick Schmucki (Lead Guitar) joined the band in the middle of 2021. On the road in various bands, they met for first rehearsals in Zurich and immediately found each other both musically and personally. They didn't have to search long for a suitable band name and quickly found it in the family name LAESSIG.
After successful rehearsals and with their own songs in their luggage, the band went straight into the studio and recorded their debut album "Miles Away", several of whose songs made it onto the radio.

Marco Laessig - Vocals/Guitar
Patrick Laessig - Bass
Daniel Zimmermann - Guitar/Backing vocals
Patrick Schmucki - Lead Guitar
Marcus Bodenmann - Keys/Backing vocals
Kaspar Rast - Drums


The first album "Miles Away" was released in 2022 and songs like "Mary Jane", "New Life" and "Il volo del sole" made it to the radio right away. LAESSIG combines different influences from singer songwriter, folk, pop and rock to their very own style. Emotional ballads change to pop-rock songs. The sound of LAESSIG is versatile, creative and varied and makes a live concert an experience. The songs tell personal stories and experiences which are thematized and processed in the lyrics and the music. Sometimes soulful, sometimes racy but always LAESSIG.
Currently they are already back in the studio. The new songs will be released in spring 2023 - you can be curious...
Mary Jane

New Life

Il volo del sole

Metropolitan Lights

Live Videos:

On Tour:

LAESSIG plays concerts with the complete formation as well as acoustic sessions in smaller formation. For 2023 they are February/March in the studio and from April again live on the road. The band is very experienced and professional. With the new songs in the LAESSIG is now in the process of conquering the stages live. All concert dates will always be published up to date on the website and on social media.
A few highlights:
01.04.2023 Scala, Wetzikon
13.04.2023 Joy, Baden
15.04.2023 Loucy, Chur
05.05.2023 Raiffeisen Music Night
and many more...

Contact / Booking:
CH-4313 Möhlin
Phone: +41 (0)79 828 60 35
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